OS Data View
OS Data View

Optimum managing software for OfficeServ system

  1. Features

OfficeServ DataView is a call center monitoring and historical reporting package as well as a comprehensive traffic reporting and analysis tool for OfficeServ system management. DataView provides statistical reports, real time monitoring information on system usage, web-based user interface and periodic reports on the call traffic of OfficeServ system.
OfficeServ DataView is connected to the OfficeServ system by OfficeServ Link and consists of server components and web-based application. Users can open Web page of OfficeServ DataView on any PC which is connected to the network.

  • Data stored in a MS Access software database or SQL server
  • Web-based client specifically designed for Internet Explorer software
  • 47 statistical reports track trunk, station, VM, and AA, as well as ACD/UCD and operator group statistics
  • 18 live monitors track trunk, station, UCD, operator and VM/AA activity
  • Report scheduling for daily, weekly or monthly statistics
  • Up to 18 reports can be generated for each interval
  • Wallboard
  • Multiple Monitoring Windows