SAMS (Samsung Access Management Software) Basic(SSA-M1000) performs multiple functions by communicating (Serial, TCP/IP) with controller. The program interacts with the device to perform high level of security system. SAMS Basic also supports additional function such time & attendance.

SAMS (Samsung Access Management Software) Basic Lite(SSA-M1100) is the client software and do not provide server function. SAMS Baisc Lite should be used along with server software, SAMS Basic.

  1. Features

• Supports Multiple Sites
• Supports Multi Languages
• Dynamic Management Function for Card Holder, ID
• Graphic Maps
• Comprehensive Access Control Reports
• Easily Export and Convert Data
• Easy Set-up Wizard
• Balloon Help Tips to Assist Users
• Distributed Processing
• Supports Mass Storage Database(MS SQL)
• User Defined Integrated Monitoring