The Samsung Wireless IP solution lets you use mobile data devices like laptops, and PDAs as well as mobile Wi-Fi handsets on the same wireless network. Now you can stay in touch wherever you are, no longer tied to your desk, waiting for that important call.

Ideal for senior managers and mobile employees, you are more in touch with your business, more responsive to customers and, if needed, your office calls can be more discrete.

The Samsung Wireless IP handset SMT-W5120 is a fully integrated extension of the host system and delivers all of the features and functionality your business requires. In addition it also provides functionality normally associated with a mobile phone, with a large screen, internal number memory, called number list, calendar function, campus mobility, stylish design and much more.

  1. Features
  2. Specifications

  • Password Protection
  • Power Save Mode
  • Call Forward capabilities
  • 4 hours talk time
  • 40 hours standby duration
  • WiFi Certified
  • Intranet or WAN connectivity support

Wireless IP networks are now a common feature in many business premises as well as homes, they bring with them a great deal of freedom to users who can get network connectivity without having to be close to a traditional network socket. Samsung understands that voice is a mission-critical application and that voice quality is a basic requirement.

The OfficeServ Wireless IP delivers a no-compromise voice quality solution, sharing the network bandwidth with the organisations data applications, but managing the bandwidth so that calls get the voice quality they require no matter what other demands are placed on the network.

Stylish Design

These stylish business handsets deliver the full range of OfficeServ features using the same user interface available with Samsung SMT-i3100 and i5200 series IP handsets. The Samsung Wireless IP solution is an integral part of the OfficeServ architecture, within which, there is a solution size to most efficiently meet your business needs.


The SMT-W5120 has many convienent and easy to use features including Call Back, Station Message and Camp On. There are also many features you can use during a call such as Mute this allows you to block your voice but still have the ability to hear the other party. Conference call, Call transfer and call hold.

Phone Applications

The SMT-W5120 is packed full of applications which give you the same capabilities of a desk handset; from Phonebooks and a Voice Mail indication to Call Forward, Password Protection and Power Save Mode. There are also a number of utilities available such as an Alarm, Scheduler, Calculator, World clock and a Unit convertor. For that personal touch the SMT-W5120 allows you to customise your ring tone, key tone, ring type, volume and for your convenience you can display all screen prompts in several languages.