Ubigate iBG Series
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Ubigate iBG Series

  • Voice, Data, Security Convergence in a single platform
  • Firewall, VPN, IPS Security Protection
  • Modular design and highest performance in its class
  • Features Routing, Switching, VoIP, and Security Services
  • Full PBX functionality including VM, Auto Attendant ACD and Conferencing services


With full routing capabilities, enterprise-class switching capacity, VoIP and best-in-class integrated security, the Samsung Ubigate iBG Series Convergence Platform replaces a multitude of special-purpose network devices and delivers an agile and efficient network infrastructure. The Ubigate iBG Series enables true enterprise voice and data convergence through a wide range of QoS features and supports both analog and IP phones. With a wide range of features and network interfaces supported in the Ubigate iBG Series, enterprise customers can meet todays business needs and be confident that they can meet tomorrows without forklift replacement of existing equipment. 

The platforms integrated security provides industrys best perimeter and end-point protection for all types of traffic - including voice - by inspecting all incoming and outbound traffic and blocking intruders. Whether your organisation requires support for VoIP, new mission-critical applications, or just additional bandwidth, Ubigate iBG Series can meet the challenge and give you a competitive advantage with higher productivity, increased control and a seamless path to convergence.

The Ubigate iBG Series offers a wide range of WAN interfaces such as Serial, Ethernet, Fibre, xDSL etc. and one of the industrys highest WAN port densities and data throughput rates.

With the Ubigate iBG Series flexibility means that enterprise customers can replace separate workgroup switches at branch offices or distribution switches at large offices. The Ubigate iBG Series offers a 44-port triple-speed L2/L3 Ethernet module as well as a 10-port triple-speed L2/L3 option module. Samsungs architecture simplifies network implementation without sacrificing flexibility.

The Ubigate iBG Series Integrated Security Module (ISM) delivers maximum security for enterprises. Providing High-performance Firewall and VPN functions and offers best-in-class comprehensive security protection.

VoIP Gateway
A wide range of QoS functions and voice interfaces for FXS, FXO, ISDN2 and ISDN30 deliver the optimal configuration for VoIP deployment. For customers transitioning from traditional analog voice to IP telephony, Ubigate iBG Series provides a solution that eases the transition by using its advanced Voice Gateway features.

Integrated Communications Manager (ICM)
The Ubigate iBG Series offers full PBX functionality including VM, Auto Attendant ACD and Conferencing services for up to 300 users from a single chassis.
Running ICM along side the integrated Voice Gateway and Firewall service means Ubigate can provide secure and advanced communication services.
Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.